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I usually take the highway to get to work, and because I usually get stuck in commuter traffic I spend a lot of time around other vehicles. I live just outside of Boston so there are always lots of company vehicles on my commute, but the ones I like to see best are the landscaping company trucks because landscaping logos are usually pretty interesting.

Landscaping logos and the names of their companies often rely on a play on words similar to the way beauty shops and hair salons are named. I usually don’t come across trucks advertising businesses like “Bob’s Landscaping” or “Harry’s Snow and Plow”. I usually see trucks with landscaping logos for companies named after what they do, like “Greener Grass” which is a lawn maintenance company, or “A Cut Above” which is a local landscaping business who probably specialize in lawn service and maintenance. And all the landscaping logos usually include a pretty picture of a perfectly manicured lawn.

I’ve known many landscapers, mostly when I was younger and in school and every guy I knew did landscaping work during the summer break. I’ve heard tales of agonizing work in the sun, long days relocating rocks from one area of the yard to another, and backbreaking labor involving shoveling and transporting trucks full of stone to create garden pathways. The end result is always gorgeous, but I still have a hard time looking at a beautiful yard and appreciating it for what it is rather than imagining the amount of sweat and muscle strain that went into getting things so perfect. I used to think that landscaping was easy and simply involved planting flowers and mowing the lawn.

Maybe these companies could be a little more truthful in what they do, by adopting logos and slogans that accurately represent their services. How about landscaping logos that show guys bent over wheelbarrows full of rocks, sweating in the sun and just about ready to crumble to the ground from heatstroke? Or how about landscaping logos that show happy contractors in big trucks sitting in the air conditioning and counting their cash while a group of guys who can’t find better work sweat it out on the lawn while planting new rows of bushes? Maybe then people would respect the work that landscapers do every day and I would also have something amusing to read on the cars as I make my way to work each morning.

I suppose I could pick any industry and criticize their logos, and come up with more entertaining options based on the truth of their business, but today I’m thinking about landscapers.

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